Why Church Advertising on Social Channels?

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…" Matthew 28:19.

You already ask church members to Invite People and sometimes they do, but with technology options today, we must do more to reach people for Christ.

So we know WHAT we are supposed to do, but WHEN and HOW are we supposed to do it.  

The ‘Simple Answer’ is always and all ways!  

Should you engage Advertising Channels on your own or partner with someone else?

What are the benefits of Church Facebook Advertising?

  1. Reach Members and Friends that already ‘Like’ your Church Facebook Page.
  2. Reach the Friends of the people that ‘Like’ your Facebook Page.
  3. Most Importantly – Custom Audience Reach!  Find new people that are likely to attend a church event or service!

There are many audience targeting attributes within Facebook, so that, you can fine tune WHO to deliver your advertisements to.  

So the trick is ‘out of hundreds of attributes, how do you pick the right combination to reach your ideal audience’?

Facebook Audience Targeting for Churches

Here is a simple description of a few of Facebook’s basic targeting features that will direct your campaign at the right audience.

  1. Geo-targeting. You can target specific geographic areas using Facebook, so it allows you to target right down to ZIP Code level.  Great for tageting specific areas within a city or county.
  2. Demographics, interests, or behaviors. Facebook campaigns can be aimed at people within specific demographic groups, and can also be aimed at people with specific interests and behaviors. 
  3. People who like specific Facebook pages. Facebook campaigns can even be directed at people who already like specific Facebook pages.

    DIY or Use an Experienced Team for Church Facebook Ads?

    You can tackle Facebook Ads on your own or explore some of the reasons that a church benefits from using an agency for managing Facebook Ad campaigns:

    1. Make sure it gets done: Demands are so high on church communications staffers to do internal tasks that there is not enough time to do the external work so it is often left undone.
    2. Monitor & Improve: Your team members usually don’t have time to tweak ad campaigns after they are started, so that is where the biggest improvements to church Facebook ad campaign performance often occurs.
    3. Use the best keywords: When writing and editing copy, agencies have the tools and the experience to choose strong keywords.
    4. Use advanced management tools: Agencies are more adept at using advanced targeting tools such as lookalike audiences. We  can create a lookalike audience based on people who like your Page, by placing conversion pixels, or by utilizing any of your existing Audiences such as an email list. This helps find new people on Facebook who are similar to your most valuable audiences. For some clients this can double the conversion rate.
    5. Stay on top of the analytics: Agencies are more attentive to campaign analytics and they improve campaigns that are running by eliminating ads that aren’t working well and promoting ads that do work.
    6. Save money: It is common for an agency to improve campaign results so that the church gets more for their money than they would get doing it in house.
    7. Get timely reports: Agencies have the staff and expertise to produce campaign reports on time.